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Our aim is specializing in the field of stocklots of all kinds of paper and board.

Daily offers on regular basis of all kinds of paper and board is our business.

It will take you one e mail to be opened to daily opportunities which can put your business much more profitable and competitive.

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501 Rue de Valence, Laval, Quebec, CANADA

TEL: +1 514-502-2247 

FAX: +1-514-332-9040

Email : sales@canavix.com

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  Export Paper from USA & CANADA to Overseas


We can offer on regular supply (mainly in rolls):

  • White mix rolls paper
  • Adhesive paper
  • CupStock paper
  • Thermal paper
  • NCR (Carbonless) paper
  • Coated paper
  • C2S art paper
  • Newsprint paper
  • Colored paper & board
  • Duplex board
  • MG kraft paper
  • White & color
  • Sack kraft paper
  • Fluting & liners
  • White waterproof paper
  • Tissue
  • Waste tissue
  • Mix rolls self adhesive materials
  • Mix rolls unprinted & printed plastic
  • BOPP , PP , PE , LDPE …
  • Mixed rolls printed paper
  • End rolls newsprint paper
  • And many more
            E-mail Contact: sales@canavix.com 


Canadian Overseas Import Export is a service-oriented, prime and job-lot paper distributing company headquartered in Montreal.

We specialize in ordering bulks of various grades of paper (in roll and sheet form) and then selling the material (often modified to fit the customers’ needs or specific shipping requirements) 

Canadian Overseas deals in just about any type of paper, including post-consumer or post-industrial. On top of the wide variety, customers can enjoy the added value that comes with our processing and with the vast network of warehouses and distribution operations located throughout Canada.

Canadian Overseas extensive network of contacts and of longstanding business associates provides our customers with a wide variety of products and the economic benefits of dealing closely with the primary source.

If your business requires stock-lot paperboard for printing or packaging, there is a good chance that Canadian Overseas can offer a wider selection, more competitive pricing, and better customer service than the competition.

To find out more, please contact us and tell us about your business and requirements in Paper.

Paper Trading & Customers satisfaction commitment

In Canadian Overseas, we are committed to customer satisfaction by providing them quality and best available stock lot to build a long term partnership.
At Canadian Overseas; we have long, unique and continuous experience in Paper and Paperboard trading. In addition to this, we supply many other additional requirements of the packaging industry such as Plastic/Polyester Films.

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